BIOCOM Africa: Installs, Trains, Maintains 

Acquiring instruments from BIOCOM Africa is not just about buying new laboratory equipment. At BIOCOM Africa, the success achieved after the acquisition is just as important, if not more, than the sale itself.

The BIOCOM Africa Service and Engineering Department, alongside our application specialists, are dedicated to offer the best support possible when it comes to instruments bought from BIOCOM Africa. Each instrument sale comes with a range of collaborative services:


The Service and Engineering Department aids in the delivery and installation of instruments acquired through BIOCOM Africa. The installation by our trained staff ensures the correct installation process is followed, and that the instrument is ready to go from the start.

BIOCOM Africa Instrument Installation
BIOCOM Africa Equipment Training


Following the installation has been completed, the BIOCOM team will arrange a training and demonstrations with either the suppliers or our dedicated application specialists. The aim is to provide each laboratory staff member with the tools and knowledge needed to implement the equipment successfully, and utilise the equipment to its full potential.


As part of the training support provided, our application specialists offer continued support to the laboratories. The staff at BIOCOM Africa is always ready to support and guide our customers through troubleshooting when faced with procedural or mechanical problems.

Maintenance and Repairs

Additional services provided from the BIOCOM Africa Service and Engineering Department, alongside the application specialists, is the continued support with maintenance and repairs. Our team has been trained to offer services on selected instruments to ensure a smooth operation within the laboratory. The equipment services can be booked as the laboratory requires, or a regular plan can be worked out with the implementation of our various  available service plans. Alongside the service and maintenance plans offered, the BIOCOM Africa staff is also able to offer repairs to instruments, and replacement units. And where your staff cannot repair or service instruments, we will aid you in locating verified and trained companies that will bring our equipment back to life.

BIOCOM Africa Equipment Repairs

With BIOCOM Africa, your laboratory equipment will never be jeopardised, and every acquisition will be an acquisition of lifetime support. It becomes evident why so many laboratories trust BIOCOM Africa in their research and diagnostic endeavours.

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