CHRONO-LOG: A Company Profile 

BIOCOM Africa strives to provide the best products available on the market, from research to diagnostics. BIOCOM Africa is trusted by many customers throughout Southern Africa, and is supported by an extensive list of world-wide suppliers. Each supplier provides their expertise to the African scientific market, and with the aid of BIOCOM Africa, makes it possible to constantly improve and expand the bioresearch and diagnostic industries.

One such supplier is Chrono-log – read more about Chrono-log in the extract below:


Chrono-log was founded in 1956, and since the inception has revolutionised the platelet function testing in clinical and research laboratories. The Chrono-log systems offer the most comprehensive platelet tests available on the market, offering years of reliable tools for the diagnosis of platelet function defects, monitoring of anti-platelet drugs, and assistance to researchers world-wide in developing novel therapies.

Chrono-log Model700
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Chrono-log was one of the first manufacturers of the Platelet Aggregometers based on the Born method to measure platelet aggregation in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) samples. Further development hereon produced the first Lumi-Aggregometer, that measures the ATP release from the dense granules – providing the simultaneous measurements of a secretions study and platelet aggregation in a single sample.

Advancements in Chrono-log technologies lead to the development of the first Impedance Aggregometer – creating the ability to test platelet aggregation within whole blood samples. Testing whole blood means less sample volumes required, elimination of excessive sample manipulation, and increased sensitivity to the effects of anti-platelet drugs in samples. This system has improved the turnaround time in laboratories, and became more user friendly with the development of Disposable Impedance Electrodes.

Chrono-log Model 490 4+4

Currently, Chrono-log Platelet Aggregometers and Lumi-Aggregometers are used worldwide in hospitals, medical centres, universities, and pharmaceutical companies on 6 continentswhile working endlessly to revolutionise the platelet function testing technologies.

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