Demeditec Diagnostics GmbH: A Company Profile 

BIOCOM Africa strives to provide the best products available on the market, from research to diagnostics. BIOCOM Africa is trusted by many customers throughout Southern Africa, and is supported by an extensive list of world-wide suppliers. Each supplier provides their expertise to the African scientific market, and with the aid of BIOCOM Africa, makes it possible to constantly improve and expand the bioresearch and diagnostic industries.

One such supplier is Demeditec Diagnostics – read more about Demeditec Diagnostics in the extract below:

Demeditec Diagnostics GmbH

Demeditec Diagnostics, based in northern Germany, was founded in 1987. Since the founding, Demeditec Diagnostics have grown in size and success, known for their high-quality products and support offered. The company proudly boasts with their extensive range of non-radioactive (ELISA) and radioactive (RIA) test systems manufactured specifically for in-vitro diagnostic testing. And with the dedicated R&D department, along side their qualified and creative personnel, enables Demeditec Diagnostics to develop innovative test kits for all laboratories’ needs.

Demeditec Diagnostic's Logo
Demeditec Diagnostic's representative with the BIOCOM Africa management at MEDICA 2023

Demeditec Diagnostic’s representative with the BIOCOM Africa management at MEDICA 2023

The product range offered from Demeditec Diagnostics spans applications in Human and Veterinary Diagnostics, Endocrinology (especially Salivary Diagnostics), Infectious Diseases, Autoimmunity, Biogenic Amines, Tumour Markers, as well as Food Analyses. The broad range of applications are further supported with their EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 registrations since 2003, and GMP registrations since 2011, speaking to the dedication Demeditec Diagnostics has to manufacture quality products to laboratories worldwide. Their customer base included private laboratories, hospitals, universities, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies.

With so many institutions trusting Demeditec Diagnostics for their high-quality products and support, it’s an easy choice to choose Demeditec Diagnostics. 

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