Immundiagnostik AG: A Company Profile 

BIOCOM Africa strives to provide the best products available on the market, from research to diagnostics. BIOCOM Africa is trusted by many customers throughout Southern Africa, and is supported by an extensive list of world-wide suppliers. Each supplier provides their expertise to the African scientific market, and with the aid of BIOCOM Africa, makes it possible to constantly improve and expand the bioresearch and diagnostic industries.

One such supplier is Immundiagnostik AG – read more about Immundiagnostik AG in the extract below:

Immundiagnostik AG




„We work for a world in which diseases are diagnosed in time. Yesterday, we developed analytical methods that are now routinely used throughout laboratory diagnostics. Today, we are developing tests for basic and applied research that will help predict and prevent disease in the future.  Identifying disease risks, making accurate predictions, initiating preventive measures and continuously monitoring them – this is where the future lies.“

 – Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster, CEO Immundiagnostik AG

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Immundiagnostik AG in Bensheim (Germany) is a medium-sized biotechnology company specializing in the development and manufacture of in-vitro diagnostics for medical research and laboratory practice. Founded in 1986 by Dr. Franz Paul Armbruster, IDK® has grown into an internationally active diagnostics company with representatives and partners in over 70 countries around the globe. Focused on developing and manufacturing innovative immunoassays, PCR, HPLC and LC-MS/MS kit solutions and other analytical detection methods for laboratory professionals, to improve patient healthcare by closing the gaps in laboratory diagnostics. The broad portfolio is constantly being adapted to the latest state of science and mainly expanded through in-house developments to meet the needs of customers and master a variety of testing challenges laboratories might face today or in the future.

Immundiagnostik AG’s mission:

Closing the Gaps in Laboratory Diagnostics.



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