Introducing BIOCOM Africa 

Since 2005, BIOCOM has provided the highest quality products to the research and diagnostic industry of Southern Africa. BIOCOM Biotech lead the bioresearch distribution, under the leadership of Colin Bouwer. As the company grew, BIOCOM Diagnostics was established in 2006 to offer a curated service specifically for the diagnostic industry.

The two entities functioned together until the amalgamation in 2016 under the current name BIOCOM Africa. The newly established entity kept, and remains to offer high quality service and products to both research and diagnostic institutions from the ever growing portfolio. Currently, BIOCOM Africa has nearly three million products available. And new resources and suppliers are added to the overall company portfolio regularly. Meaning – BIOCOM Africa is the one location to go for all laboratory needs.

Colin Bouwer Biocom Africa founder

Colin Bouwer: BIOCOM Africa Founder and CEO

Office Biocom Africa

Centurion Head-office entrance

With so many products to choose from, BIOCOM Africa offers the “let us find it for you” initiative. This is the core of the customer-centric experience curated at BIOCOM Africa, as even expressed in the company slogan: “…taking the SEARCH out of RESEARCH.” The process is simple: send in the wish list of all the products and instruments required and BIOCOM Africa will find them. And if the specific product is not in the three million catalogue, special imports can be arranged. This core of functionality is to aid all industry professionals to focus on their work and let BIOCOM Africa do the work to find and deliver the products. No longer need to dedicate hours of precious time to find the perfect product, and more time to focus on the important work being done.

Over the years, BIOCOM Africa has become the trusted partner to many research, academic, and diagnostic institutions across Southern Africa. The focus is: deliver what’s needed, as fast as possible, while only providing products of the highest quality. All products supplied by BIOCOM Africa undergo the strictest regulatory processes, as set out by organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Beyond offering such a large catalogue and high-quality products, BIOCOM Africa also offer the support and technical input from in-house application specialists. These specialists, as part of the sales team, offer guidance and support when it comes to product selection, protocol refinement, and troubleshooting. BIOCOM Africa, additionally, offers support from the in-house engineering team. The engineering team offers support and guidance in instrument installations, training, servicing and upkeep, and instrument selection process.

Whenever a customer is faced with a problem, BIOCOM Africa offers a solution. Let BIOCOM Africa take “the SEARCH out of the RESEARCH,” and trust the company as the one location for all your laboratory needs, as many have before and continue to.


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