BIOCOM Africa strives to provide the best products available on the market, from research to diagnostics. BIOCOM Africa is trusted by many customers throughout Southern Africa, and is supported by an extensive list of world-wide suppliers. Each supplier provides their expertise to the African scientific market, and with the aid of BIOCOM Africa, makes it possible to constantly improve and expand the bioresearch and diagnostic industries.

One such supplier is Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech – read more about Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech in the extract below:

Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech

Company profile

Amarok Biotechnologies was created in 2011 by Vincent Genty; a doctor in cellular and molecular biology. Amarok Biotechnologies began developing service laboratories with strong activities in biological analysis, and validation of automated systems and medical biological reagents. Since then, Amarok Biotechnologies have expanded with their own research and development departments, carrying out various projects in medical biology, industrial biotechnologies, environmental sciences, marine sciences, and plant and agri-food biology.

It was with the expansion into plant and agri-food biology, that Vincent Genty and Patrick Paulian (from Q-Wine Bureau) entered an alliance to combine their years of expertise and experiences. The partnership of Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech combines their “field” knowledge of winemaking, and their knowledge of microbiology and performance and risk assessment, in the aim to provide simple and easy-to-implement control solutions to wineries to encourage and aid them on their path of excellence.

Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech
Amarok Biotechnologies (partnered with Q-Wine Bureau) with the BIOCOM Africa management at MEDICA 2023

Amarok Biotechnologies (partnered with Q-Wine Bureau) with the BIOCOM Africa management at MEDICA 2023

Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech’s Solutions

Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech offers wine-making monitoring through immune-cytometry solutions – guaranteeing the quality and regularity of great wines with their solutions to monitoring, detecting, and quantifying cell activity levels. These solutions are specifically created for technical direction determination for winery owners and oenological laboratories.

The monitoring by immuno-cytometry is the only solution for real-time evaluations of risks related to fermentation accidents, wine alterations, or barrel contaminations. Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech therefor offers solutions to avoid prejudices to production quality, brand notoriety, and the winery operating account.

With the Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech solutions, wineries are able to improve the quality of wine production, reduce risk, and improve health and durability of the barrels, all while delivering results within an hour.

Safe time and money, while ensuring security and confidentiality of the winery and winemaking processed with the inhouse testing solutions by Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech.

Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech’s mission:

To provide the wine world with high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective control and process solutions to help to guarantee the excellence of great wines winemaking.

Q-Wine&Amarok Biotech

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