TECHNOCLONE: A Company Profile 

BIOCOM Africa strives to provide the best products available on the market, from research to diagnostics. BIOCOM Africa is trusted by many customers throughout Southern Africa, and is supported by an extensive list of world-wide suppliers. Each supplier provides their expertise to the African scientific market, and with the aid of BIOCOM Africa, makes it possible to constantly improve and expand the bioresearch and diagnostic industries.

One such supplier is Technoclone – read more about Technoclone in the extract below:



Technoclone Ceveron S100

At Technoclone we see innovation as our duty to help overcome new complexity in the diagnostics of haematological and cardio-vascular disorders. Today more than ever. Technoclone is a world-leading producer of diagnostics tests; equipment and research products in the area of blood clotting, and offers one of the most complete product portfolios on the market.

The Ceveron 100 series is the first fully automated coagulation analyser series for clotting, chromogenic, turbidimetric assays, thrombin generation and quenching technology (as for FXIII & ADAMTS13 activity). With the development of the new high power LED quenching module the Ceveron s100 is a milestone in speciality haemostasis diagnostics.

Technoclone, on the forefront of diagnostic challenges of tomorrow.

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